I just finished my first solo CD "Believe" and am excited about it. You can now order it off the website! Here are some of the friends I worked with on the CD -

Billy Bucher, Congas
Jim Tiemann, Guitar
Me, Uke
Cornell Kinderknecht, Flute
Roopa Lele, Debbie Garner, Drake Rogers
and others (not pictured) also added their unique talent to the CD

One of the songs on the CD, "God Bless The World," features people from many different countries (33 to be exact) singing together in harmony, and then one after another saying the name of their country. All royalties for this particular song will be donated to the UN Refugee Agency.

While we were recording this song, tears came to my eyes as each person proudly said the name of his or her country. I felt our connection with each other so strongly. It has been a deeply moving experience for all of us who have participated in the recording, and a bond has been established among us. It is really true that we all have more in common than we do differences.

At left, behind Shelly busily editing the track of the first session, are participants from Bangladesh, Iran, USA, Spain, and Paraguay.
Another session, with participants from Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Mexico, England, Greece & India

Note: Visible in mirror are photographer & percussionist B. Bucher, from Republic of Music (you may have to scroll right, depending on your screen size).
Another session with Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Mexico, England, Greece & India
Shelly directing final cut of voices above. Shelly directing final cut of voices above.

(Shelly, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, England, Mexico, India, Greece)

"God Bless the World" will be included with eleven other original songs on the new CD "Believe".

More info will follow, keep checking this site!