24X31, Acrylic/Canvas

Not for Sale

This painting was featured in the Brazilian magazine ORIXAS

Do you know the Afro Brazilian legend of Iemanja?

The movie "Woman on Top" (Penelope Cruz) featured the story of Iemanja.

Iemanja is associated with water in and more particularly with the sea, the ocean. She was the girl of Olokum, maritime divinity sometimes female, sometimes male according to the areas of Africa.

She is the Queen of the Ocean, the patron deity of the fishermen and the survivors of shipwrecks, the feminine principle of creation and the spirit of moonlight.

On New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro, millions of cariocas, of all religions, dressed in white gather on Copacabana beach to greet the New Year, watch fireworks, and throw flowers and other offerings into the sea in the hopes that she will grant them their requests for the coming year.

Paintings of Iemanjá are sold in Rio shops, next to paintings of Jesus and other catholic saints. They portray her as a woman rising out of the sea. Small offerings of flowers and floating candles are left in the sea on many nights at Copacabana.