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East of the Sun
Shelly Niebuhr ©1999 ASCAP

Somewhere east of the sun
But west of the moon
Gotta turn off my tv so I can get there soon
and sweat in the silence I've been running from
and listen to my heart no matter what may come
I know its there I've just got to see
Its not who I am but who I want to be
the path straight ahead might be an easy walk
but filled with illusions and alot of empty talk

So I'll take the high road where peace is not always found
Cause my feet are moving over unexplored ground
I can't go back to who I was before
I've gotta walk through another low lying door
but when I cross to the other side
I'll get my wings and I'll know how to fly
Fly east of the sun, I'm gonna fly oh fly oh fly east of the sun

I know there's no way to walk away unchanged
From all the agony and all the needless pain
When you suffer alone in the dark
Let your tears flow out from your deepest parts
So when a man lies bleeding in your road
You'll recognize your heart and you won't let him go
Cause the sun shines on us all the caged and the free
Lift up your eyes so we can all finally see


Too much theory spinning round in my head
Time to put it into practice
Get out of this cold bed of make believe
Rise from the ashes of my burned out dreams
Learn that this world of ease is never what it seems
to be

Gonna fly oh fly oh fly oh fly
East of the sun, we'll get our wings
and we'll know how to fly

Tell Me Your Truth
Shelly Niebuhr ©2000 ASCAP

Tell me your truth, letís talk about life,
I hope that you will look me in the eyes
Come bare your soul, so you can know,
What letting go feels like
The sun and moon, the sky and earth,
All will your re-birth
The time is now and Iíll do what I can,
Let your pain fall into our hands

Weíve crossed many miles, but so far to go
And what weíve found is what weíve come to know
If we choose a mask, to hide behind,
Then love will be so very hard to find
We sing our songs for you, cause our songs speak to us
They teach us to live and they teach us to trust
Everyone has a story, we each need to tell
And the water is sweetest from the deepest of wells

Tell me your truth, what will you say
the rest of your life is in today
Move the stone away and move with your might
To know what letting go feels like
The moments count more, than the longest of years
Everything that you need, itís all right here
It's all right here.

Ruby Beach
Shelly Niebuhr ©2000 ASCAP

Seems like there's just not enough time anymore
At the end of the day you can peel me off the floor
Many days in my mind I would like to
Leave it all behind (what about you)
I know a place where time does stand still
You can shake off everything that is not real, at

Ruby beach, I feel you in my bones
You've been calling me so long
Saying its time to come home
Why don't we all here and now agree
To kick off our shoes and meet at Ruby Beach

Lately I've been walking my miles in the dark
Time to lighten my load or I'm gonna lose my heart
I think to myself I would like to be someplace else
There is a place where you can let it all out
There's no rules you can scream and shout, at

Ruby beach we're all coming home to you
Ruby beach we're gonna fall in love with you
Ruby beach we're gonna throw our shoes at you
Ruby beach we're all coming home to you

Anytown, USA
Shelly Niebuhr ©2000 ASCAP

Sitting on a plane bound for Georgia
When the man sitting next to me
Said "Did you know that they cut down most of the old trees in Dallas
And they did the same thing in atlanta
And the local bookstore right down my street
Is just another local deadbeat with a for sale sign in the window

Does everything have to be brand new
Didn't you like cracks in the sidewalks too when you were a kid
Rushing around and burying our souls
but the fortresses we build grow quickly cold

Cities are starting to look the same,
With shopping malls and restaurant chains
Where can i go to find some individual soul
To find the heart of this town
Is this all anytown USA

Why do people wanna look and dress the same
To look like strangers on TV
Or whitewashed photos in the magazines,
Why can't we all be ok
Have we really all lost our point of view
Or just made it harder to be true to ourselves,
We're a little too civilized
A little too afraid of being criticized

Cities are starting to look the same
with freeways and pollution but we're all so tame
When will we know that we will
Never find our souls in anytown USA

Fatt Catt
Shelly Niebuhr ©1996 ASCAP

You're such a fatt catt and you've walked all over me
Now the time has come to set myself free
Watch me walk right out of here
You strut your stuff all around and
Sometimes you think that you own this town

And I know that you know, the way I feel about you
But i'm telling you tonight
You better count your blessings cause it's all through

You're such a fatt catt and you walked all over me
The time has come to set myself free
You cry at my window night after night
I try to let you in and then you run with fright

And I know that you know the way I feel about you
But I'm telling you tonight
You better count your blessings cause it's all through

You fatt catt I'm gonna lose you
You fatt catt you're my new taboo
Next month I won't remember you
You fatt catt I'm gonna lose you

Inside Dreams
Shelly Niebuhr ©1996 ASCAP

Before I die I wanna see the lights
That warm up the cold northern skies
Drive all night till I see a Tijuana sunrise
Just to know Iím still alive
Iíve been too busy putting bread on the table
For those not willing or those not able
And Iíd really like to know is the choosing our own
Or is that another crazy fable

Across this land, inside my mind
Dreams live on and on between you and I
Born to wonder free through our days and our nights
With nothing left to lose and nothing left to fight

Met an old man, he lived in a box
Said, "Why do you hate me cause I canít live by the clock?"
A woman working on the assembly line
Dreams of a life far away, of a life much more kind
And Iíd really like to know
If what weíre all waiting for
Can keep comforting us like it has before

And just for once when I look into your eyes
Thereíd be nothing to prove between you and I

Corporate Maze
Shelly Niebuhr, Michael Eden, Debbie Garner ©2000 ASCAP

Sun comes up I've gotta handle this load
Go play bumper cars on the road
Yesterday's work, well, it's still around,
Got 22 voicemails, no time to be found
Man who wears those big black shoes
You'd better smile and nod, do what he says to do

Well, thereís gossip, politics, and corporate talk
Youíd better leave your heart out in the parking lot
One thing I know from all the battles Iíve fought
This is the price we pay for the things we've bought

Computer, e-mails, faxes, cell phones
Welcome to a world of carpal tunnel syndrome
Go home tired, then maybe a little TV
Is this all that life was meant to be (i don't think so)
Are you tired of being caught in the corporate maze
Get over the affluenza to get out of the haze


And when the corporate giants decide to merge
Kiss your job goodbye 'cause baby you've been purged

Shelly Niebuhr ©1999 ASCAP

We came from far away, lifetimes ago
Running from captors with our baggage in tow
Yearning for something more than we had
We wanted to break our chains and stretch out our hands
While the ones who were here held their hands to the sky
And cried, why oh why must our people die
To keep your dreams alive must our people die
The flag that we fly, so proud and so high
Has always been stained with the blood of those whose cry was

Freedom, give me my freedom
I want to sail across the ocean blue
Remember what I always knew
Liberty is the biggest part of me and you, oh freedom

Now here we are together all grown up
But living life in haste makes for such a bitter cup
We fought for this land so we could be free
To walk when we walk and to see what we see
What keeps you inside yourself behind your glass bars
That only you can break if youíll just listen to your heart calling


Itís a condition of our souls
Men in chains have been freer than men with gold
But the storyís untold
The storyís untold chorus ©1999 ASCAP